Mark Piasecki

Hello! As you can see, my name is Mark Piasecki. I'm a Perth based photo taker and video maker. I shoot things from night clubs and live music shows through to intimate portraits of couples, families and everything in-between. My passion for photography started when I visited Canada a number of years ago and started trying to take postcard like photos, I failed horribly! Since then though I've gone through a rather steep learning curve and I now work as a full time photographer and videographer (with plans to visit Canada again and retake all the missed photos from last time). 

When I started my passion lay in photographing landscapes and isolated places but I soon realised that it was just because I hadn't had a chance to really photograph people, once I had that opportunity then it has become my main focus. Anything to do with people I am obsessed with and so my focus has turned to weddings, families and individuals; capturing the stories of the people I meet.

I currently work for a commercial studio taking photographs in a studio environment, working with families, babies, couples, individuals, business people and pets to create beautiful photographs that can hang on a wall for a decade or two. I love it to bits, meeting new people everyday is an absolute dream.

However I very much do want to spread my metaphorical wings to encompass other styles of photography and video work to shake things up a bit so if you're after any work to be done please let me know and we can sort out a photoshoot or video shoot that fits for you!