My Story

My name is Mark Piasecki, born and raised in Perth, Western Australia but recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. I discovered a passion for photography when I was 19 and on a trip through Canada for a ski-season, I took my sisters camera so I could take some holiday snaps but within a week of travelling I'd fallen in love with photography completely. It's been half a decade, three quarters of one degree, an Advanced Diploma and a whirl-wind of work later and I couldn't be happier with where I'm currently at with my business. North Hold Photography is my number one passion and building it up over the next few decades is going to be a brilliant adventure.

We live in an age where everything we see is digital, especially in the photography industry. I was right into posting on social media and focusing primarily on digital media for the first few years of my uni degree, that all changed when I went to complete an Advanced Diploma of Photography through TAFE where printing was a primary form of assignment submission. To me the difference between digital and print is longevity, a digital photo seen on Instagram or Facebook gets forgotten in a second but seeing something printed and displayed leaves a lasting impression. Getting into printing changed my ethos on my photography business from delivering digital products to ideally focusing on physical artwork that can be hung around the house or displayed somewhere public.

When I was studying I entered into the Western Australian Professional Photography Awards which is a print based awards system where I received a Silver Award for the photograph below, I still have it hanging in my home and it's one of my proudest moments in my career so far. Without printing it, the photograph would have stayed hidden in a hard drive somewhere never being looked at which is why I want so much to bring printing back to the forefront of photography and specifically my photography business.

I don't want to write too much here, I prefer to leave my photography to do the talking but I will say that I've had so much fun with everyone I've photographed so far and can't wait to meet many many more people as my career progresses. My story gets an update and my life changes a little bit more with everyone I meet, I can't wait to chat with you and hopefully take some gorgeous photographs together!