A First Blog

So here we are! I have only just decided to re-vamp my website and start to keep it more up to date and current with what I'm doing. I admit I have been a bit overly relaxed with my posting and I would like to get that much more up to scratch.

So this is where I currently stand, I've just moved out from home for the first time, which is scary but I love it so far. I do have to start cooking properly and doing all my own washing and cleaning etc which is a bit new to me I hate to admit. But the freedom that comes with it is really lovely, I can't wait to see where living out of home takes me personally. I've just moved in with my best friend of 12 (theres some debate on this) years which is lovely, though he has almost immediately gone on holidays to Japan so I haven't seen much of him these last few days.

Visiting home is such an odd concept to me, because i've always lived at home the idea of going back to where i grew up just to visit is strange to me, but I'll get used to it in no time iI suspect. Seeing my parents dog is always lovely too, she's a beautiful blue heeler with way to much energy! It's good my parents have a rather large property for her to run around.

For now that's really the biggest thing that's happened, I no doubt will keep up to date on various things, concerts, people and various stuff I get to photograph. I'll go into more depth in later blogs no doubt :)